Thursday, 4 February 2010

Why, hello.

I can hardly move, for my muscles are so very, terribly sore.

It is a good thing, however.
It means that kickboxing + starvation = Skinny Love rapidly losing fat, oxygen to her brain, and a false sense of happiness.

It's all good. :]

Exactly seven days from now will be the One-Year Anniversary of this..this blog, my descent into all this fucked-up shit I've gotten myself into. I can hardly contain my excitement!

You all deserve something for sticking with me this long....I will conjure up something marvelous to give you (albeit virtually) for your troubles.

This post is lacking in anything too interesting or contemplative...I've got school work clogging up my mind at the moment.

Minus 1 pound since Tuesday. Good progress? I think not. But it is progress. And I should be thankful at least for some proof that I'm shrinking.

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