Monday, 8 June 2009

It's easier to starve myself at my dad's

I told them of my raw food diet, and they think it's a grand idea.

My dad and his wife aren't stupid people, but I'm finding it extremely easy to lie and tell them "Oh, I ate two pears and a banana a couple hours ago" and things like that.

Today I bought loads of fruit & veggies and I made some fantastic salads...unfortunately the fruit salad was so good I overate...
I can't allow myself to overeat! My mind thinks that since I'm only eating raw I can have larger portions. I need to convice myself otherwise.

I miss having an empty, growling stomach. I prefer it over a belly full of lettuce.

My dad doesn't own a scale. Which I think is preposterous; how can you not have a scale?!? So I've got to guess on my weight.......ehh.

I've become a bit lazy when it comes to blogger...that may be because I get on so late.
But I'll continue this post perhaps, and make sure that I finally answer the summer challenge questions...eheheh

Oh and thank you guys for the 'congrats! I feel so free after the end of school.


Tri Thin said...

I hate not having a scale - good luck at your dad's, at least he is encouraging of your 'lifestyle' :)

throughraindrops said...

we dont have a scale if i didnt have wii fit i wouldnt be able to weigh my self

mother doesnt think weight matters as long as you are happy (yeh shes obese)

cool the raw fruit and veg thing is going great

are you loosing lots of weight on it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, you're so amazing just eating fruits and veggies. But when you start eating normally (then I mean some proccessed food too) just be sure to step on that scale regularly so nothing will happen to your work.

PrettyWreck said...

I would die without a scale, to be completely honest.

How do you guess your weight?
I nearly panicked when I realized my old scale was broken. Even though I didn't have the money, I HAD to go out and buy a new one. A BETTER one. I'm happy with the one I have now, because it's kinder than the one I had before (which is probably because that one was broken XD), but yeah. I trust it even more than the manual one at the gym.

And don't worry. Lots of us have been lazy lately. I think when we think we'll have more time between semesters over summer, we tend to get LAZIER. Or at least I do XD It's easier to write in this when I'm in school, and it's either slack on here, or ACTAULLY DO MY SCHOOL WORK :O!