Saturday, 6 June 2009

I graduated from high school

at 129 pounds.
Still disgustingly fat but ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my God. I made it out of the 30's again at last :DDDD

And it's all thanks to my raw food diet! Except yesterday I decided to eat some graduation cake...not good. Almost two weeks of only raw food rendered my stomach unable to handle the processed crap, I suppose. Let's just say that I was anchored to the comode for an hour.

But I've graduated from high school, and I never need go back again! I loathed high school.

Shit, my mum's coming.
I'll finish this post later!


Tri Thin said...

congrats on finishing high school!!

& on 129!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Enjoy your accomplishments so far, and focus on the future. Negativity and stagnation get your nowhere. Power yourself forward!

Skeleton in the Closet. said...

Congratulations on your graduation!
I must also commend you on your strong, raw-diet regimen. Really quite impressive, wish you further luck.

G. Samsa said...

Congratulations -- on both your graduation and getting past the 30s!

I hated high school so freaking much. And yeah, eating stuff like cake after a couple weeks of real food will do that to you. I think it's all the fat just kind of, umm, sliding on through you.

Ana said...

Congratulations! :D I was so happy to get out of high school. for a while I missed the routine, but now I know I NEVER want to go back...

Jess said...

Congrats on Graduating :)

Rachel B said...

I graduated at 140, haha, don't worry. I can't wait until I am IN the 130s :(

And oh no about the cake! At least it's out of your system now.

Savory Sweet said...

yay for finishing high school :)

I think I was more happy about being done with HS than I was about finishing college.

And yay for your raw food diet.