Saturday, 30 May 2009

slightly bored

There isn't much to talk about...especially regarding my raw food diet.

I'm not exactly tired of salad, I just don't want to fill my belly with lettuce anymore, lol.

The scale still reads 134...I can see my collarbones better, and my cheeks are getting a slight concave.

I actually don't really crave cooked/packaged food. Which is wonderful!

Ugh, once again I find myself falling asleep in front of the computer.


Laura said...

How about shrooms?
They're tasty, low cal, and they don't make you feel you live up on grass.

Celery is great, I love celery.
Celery and cucumber, are the best.

Today'll be my last day eating shit.
(I'll try to stop drinking diet soda, but I can't promise anything)
As for food, tomorrow i'll start raw.

I'll probably start posting in english coz' I joined the weightloss competition.

And well, bananas are tasty, I do like bananas, but I'll try my raw intake to be mainly of veggies instead of fruits.

Africana said...

Hang in there with the raw diet. I eat mostly raw and love it. For awhile I lived and lost a good bit of weight with green smoothies. (Just google green smoothies and you'll get a ton of info. Also see if you can get the book 'Green For Life' by Victoria Boutenko) Get yourself a good blender and get creative! Good luck hon. :)