Sunday, 17 May 2009

"You can't be small if you eat it all"

Saturday night (10:30 p.m.) I broke my fast with water and a banana because my mum forgot to get the applesauce. I actually wasn't even hungry...but I needed to eat something. Fortunately I was full after just those two things.

Sunday morning I had 1/2 cup of Honey Bunches with fresh raspberries and then some water.(4:50 a.m. From now on when I talk about eating breakfast it will be at that time, unless otherwise noted).
Then I went to work, and about halfway through my shift a wave of extreme exhaustion hit me. I felt so lethargic and tired, and it took all my effort to even walk. I guess 14 hours of no food and 11 hours of work really over-exerted my body, huh? But I refused to eat anything, and so I sucked it up and continued working.

I weighed myself when I got home - 135 pounds!!!! But I'm fairly certain that this is my true weight. On my binge days it was usually 137-139, and I think that was because of the food in my belly...

And maybe I'm rushing it, but I could swear that the knobby part of my shoulder/collarbones is more visible, and my wristbones are more pointy...all because of my awesome Saturday fast.
And I feel so delectable. Hah. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feeling of going to bed without having to hold my over-fed, aching stomach. I love not having that sensation of food/liquid sloshing around inside. And I exercise with renewed vigour.

Today I had a banana for breakfast, and then unsweetened applesauce (sooo delicious and only 100 fat/sugar-free calories per cup) for dinner.

I am still exhausted and really tired. I've got to send out my graduation invitations and study for a Physiology exam but I think I'd rather curl up in bed with a good book and then sleep.

I'll answer the second Summer challenge tomorrow, when I've gotten some rest and I don't have any work!

Goodnight ladies :D


p.s. My mum weighs 111 pounds. How I envy envy envy her. mppppfffffff&##$$#$Q^#$!!#$#%$#$%$%$#%! I cannot wait to weigh as little - and less - than her. Then I'll be able to fit in her Diesel, Armani, and Miss Sixty jeans.


SophiaRuins said...

omg i hate when someone older than me weighs less, especially when im related to them. it doesnt help im so damn competitive too haha
and i LOVE this post.
it makes me wanna fast so bad!

stay strong hun!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

TryingShadow said...

Good job! .. You sound so happy at the moment - it's been a lovely distraction for me =)

Thankyou xx

Tri Thin said...

I know the mom issues - I finally weigh less than her, and she is not a petite lady. It was awful being fatter than my chubby mom!

margeurite said...

I'm glad you seem to be doing better with your whole "religious fast."

Keep up the good work, doll.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're doing so well... I know what you mean about wanting to weigh less than your mom... I hate to think of my mother looking better than me too!

Keep strong with your summer challenge!