Friday, 29 May 2009

2nd raw day DONE!

Intake - 523 calories.
Weight - 134

What's funny about this entire raw diet is how involved mum and vegan uncle are in it! They're so concerned about me getting enough to eat; they constantly bombard me with questions like, "How about canned mushrooms? Are those raw? You could eat raw zucchini and honey (wtf?? raw zucchini dipped in honey...GAG) or something..." It's nice that they care, but it's a bit annoying, so I just told them not to worry; we had plenty of things for me to eat.

Actually, we didn't. I had eaten all the apples & oranges.
So mum did a lovely thing and went the grocery store for me. And bought me LOADS of raw things.

Broccoli, spinach, kiwi, mango, tomato, banana, asparagus, etc....

I love her :D
Now I have a large variety of raw foods with which I can create so many tasty things to eat.

I still ate three bananas (I need to keep my banana intake at that or lower...I've become a bit 'nana crazy and I wouldn't want to binge on them).
But look what I found HERE. It's all about bananas! Although, THIS DIET that is suggested is entirely too fattening...the calories are about 1200 per day! (Even though I am certain the diet is a healthy, lean one, it seems preposterous).

And considerably less food than yesterday.
I cannot describe how CLEAN I feel. I know I already talked about it yesterday...but I have so much energy!

Is it because I'm not taking in any unnecessary oils/fat/sodium/calories?

Whatever. As long as I'm feeling good and I've got enough energy to exercise, I'm satisfied.
I think what's really helping me not lose control and binge is that I'm eating small amounts throughout the day, instead of depriving myself. That way, I feel full/content all day long.

I hope my chipper attitude rubs off on any of you guys who aren't feeling so great :D


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Tri Thin said...

I am so inspired by your positive mood - I'm trying to come up with a plan to follow for June. I want to try something new to keep me motivated, but haven't decided what.