Friday, 1 May 2009

May 1st was marvelous

I'm proud of myself. So far.

This morning I had honey nut cheerios (they're supposed to lower cholesterol, right?) and three strawberries, mixed together. I didn't have any milk with it because 1 cup of whole milk has 35 mg of choly (new nickname for cholesterol).
I may have become a bit too paranoid about my choly level ever since I saw it, but being wary will help me eliminate MANY unhealthy foods that I would otherwise eat.
Anyway, so I skipped the milk, which I don't like anyway. But it was nice to have cereal that remained crunchy, unlike when it becomes soggy from the milk.

I was able to eat nothing for lunch at school today, because they were serving cheeseburgers/ribs. So disgusting.

At around 2:30 I ate a banana, so that I wouldn't be so food-deprived when I got home and binge.
When I got home I ate another banana and five raw mushrooms.

Immediately after I flossed/brushed, and put my bleaching trays in.

I believe this day was the perfect food day to begin the new month, yeah?
As I said, I'm proud proud proud of myself. (Which is a bit sad, because I should be eating like this on a regular basis.)
One specific thing I am proud of myself for is that I haven't had a single package of those damn peanut butter crackers in two days! That's a difficult feat for me.

Total caloric intake - 390 calories.
I'll weigh myself tomorrow, although I doubt any weight loss will have occurred! I must face work tomorrow.
Does anyone have any tips at all to help me restrict and CONTROL myself at work?

Refuse, Resist & Restrict, girls!


Fenie said...

well done you! Mine was also a good first day =]
happy times!


MiniKitty said...

Way to go! Sounds like you had an amazing day, keep it up! I always bring a travel toothbrush with me in my purse and one of those little things of toothpaste and when I feel a craving I just run to the bathroom and brush my teeth. You can also try drinking mint tea, it soothes your stomach and tea always makes me feel full. Apples are also a great food as they are negative cal. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do it!

PrettyWreck said...

Good job!!!