Wednesday, 6 May 2009


it's been a while! I've been caught up in school...I'm eating lightly but unfortunately I haven't any time to exercise :/

My vegan uncle is visiting tomorrow wooohoo! His vegan dishes are all I'm eating while he's here.

I may be on and off for a couple of days while I get some things sorted out...but fear not for I shall be back!

Refuse, Resist, Restrict ladies!


PrettyWreck said...

Come back soon! Personally, I miss you :3

I have never been able to get into vegan dishes, tbh. I like me my cheese! But if you can weedle any tasty delicious, safe recipes from him, you should totally post it.

MiniKitty said...

Yummy vegan!! try and get some recipes from him I would love to know some! Stay strong, think thin!