Monday, 25 May 2009

kill me now

Oh God Oh God Oh God.

My breakfast plan was moved to tomorrow.

Unfortunately I went to a birthday party....which involved going to eat at Cici's pizza.

I destroyed my hard work.

5 slices of pizza. 3 cinnamon rolls. 2 brownies.

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

My stomach is twisting and cramping.


This is what I shall become.


Ana said...

D: I know that was a lot, but after your stomach pains go away I'll bet you'll have tons of energy to burn it all off. A few days of light eating and decent exercise, I'm sure you'll be feeling much better. ***hugs*** sip some water, and get some fiber..don't freak out

faz77 said...

I found this weight loss competition on this blogging thing xanga that some girls do, u can see it here:

It would be fun cause we can compete with weight loss, but in a enjoyable and supportive way. And we could have a points system like if we stay under goal calorie intake we get 5 points.

Would you want to join if I made a site like this on blogger?

Africana said...

I'm sorry to hear about the pizza. Hang in there! You'll do better. And OMG that link....sweet mamasita I don't think I can ever eat again. Totally awesome reverse thinspo.