Thursday, 28 May 2009


705 calories.

Of only RAW fruits and vegetables.

I told my mum that I would challenge myself to a week-long raw only thing.
Today was the first day -

3 bananas (those made up the bulk of my calories...should I reduced it to two?)
7 baby carrots
7 grape tomatoes
2 small gala apples
1 avocado

I'm hungry, but I'm not starved and I have absolutely no desire to binge.
It is difficult to eat only raw (and I've only just completed the first day!), but since I made my challenge known to everyone, I don't want to seem weak and so I can stick to my goal.

I feel clean. No processed, pre-packaged food to add fat and cholesterol and sodium to my body.

I found some great workout videos on as well. (Burned only 100 calories, but it's a start)

I'll try to reply to you guys ASAP, but my mum is sharing my bedroom with me (vegan uncle is back for an extended visit), and I must be EXTREMELY cautious when getting on here.

Love you guys <3


"I feel good. dun na na na na na na. I knew that I would dun na na na na na na....." :D


Jess said...

You can do some amazing things w/ raw foods. You should check out some websites for suggestions so you don't get bored.

Laura said...

I like your idea of going raw...
I think I'll go myself raw too.

What made the bulk on your intake were the bananas, the avocado, and the carrots.
Avocado has a lot of fat, bananas and carrots are some of the most caloric fruits and vegetables.
I would trade them for leafy vegetables, that way you can eat more for less calories.