Sunday, 3 May 2009

new week

I just finished watching Amélie, a very beautiful French film. Of course, my viewing pleasure was somewhat distracted by how small the lead actress, Audrey Tautou, was. If any of you ever watch it, notice her super slim legs.

Today at work I ate half a blueberry bagel with cream cheese. I knew that while at work, I would eat things that should be off-limits to me. I feel disgusting and fat.
But this week I'm restricting and I'll go on a couple liquid-fasts (thanks RayRay!).

Thank you guys and wish me luck!

Refuse, Resist, Restrict.
(lol, you guys like my three R's? I had been thinking of recycling at the time and voilà, I came up with those).


Daisy said...

I have that movie! I saw parts of it a few years ago but I haven't seen it in its entirety yet.
Thanks for the suggestion!!
xx, Daisy

PrettyWreck said...

Isn't that the movie where the nun jumps off the cathedral and kills her mom?

And I LOVE your three R's!

You know, they have these 100 cal mini bagels. Also these ones that are 130 cal's and are cinammon brown sugar. I have a secret stash at work that whenever someone brings in donuts, I pull out one of those, my low cal cream cheese, and have one of those. It's a total of maybe 140 cal's, and while that's still more than I should be eating, it's still less than whatever they bring in, and I never feel as guilty.

Good luck!

margeurite said...

Reply to your comment: Yes, I finally found one dress and I'm ordering another online. Thx :)

And. I love Amelie! She reminds me of me because she's so weird and shy, lol..

That bagel wasn't the worst thing you could have done. Keep positive and think thin.

(P.S. - I like the three R's. I should start repeating them to myself when I get tempted..)

MiniKitty said...

I am in love with the three R's! I have put them up alllll over my mirror! Thanks for the new affirmation!