Saturday, 16 May 2009


My (religious) fast has gone amazing. Although I was 99.99% sure that I wouldn't do anything to screw it up.
The only things that went into my mouth was gum and some ice to swish around my parched mouth. Which actually breaks a fast (you're not supposed to put anything in your mouth); but this isn't a real religious fast anyway, is it?

My co-workers kept asking me if I was going to eat, and they looked at me strangely when I declined because I'm notorious at work for eating LOADS. Seriously. They always tease me for eating 7 cinnamon rolls and 5 hashbrowns, and so when I don't eat anything, or if I eat salad, they become concerned. But they sort of understood when I told them it was for religious purposes. They know I'm a weird halfghan Muslim freak :D. I love 'em.

One of my friends and (co-worker), T (I mentioned him in
this post), decided that since I was fasting, he wasn't going to eat anything either, because he wanted to "support" me. I tried to explain to him that actually, it's better if people eat in front of fasters because we receive more good deeds for refraining from food while others revel in it. But he insisted, so I shrugged my shoulders and thanked him.

He won't last.

I don't say that to be cruel or anything, but he's FAT. He is about 5'4 and most likely weighs around 180-200 pounds. I've only ever seen him eat desserts and fatty/greasy foods.
And so I'm fairly certain he will go home and stuff his face, because he must be starving after "fasting" with me for six hours...which he probably isn't used to.

He also doesn't eat at my house whenever he comes over. Which makes me think that maybe he realises how large he is, and doesn't want to be seen eating? I'm not sure. I think he does it to "support" me again...because the day I had that sickening meatball sub at his house was the first and last time I've ever eaten there. I refuse to eat anything at his house. So I think he does the same thing whenever he comes over to my house.

In all honesty, although he's my friend, I am disgusted every time I look at him. There is absolutely nothing physically attractive about him (except for his awesome blue eyes), and I am a bit shallow when it comes to looks...
He is also a very difficult person to be friends with. I call him "Eeyore". I'm sure you all know what sort of personality Eeyore has.

Alright, right now I'm on a three-hour break from work, and then I have to go back. Today I am truly "running on empty". I love the way that sounds. I'll update you guys after I return from the night shift. I hope I get home before it's time to break my fast.....

Alright, so I've returned from work, and I haven't broken my fast yet although it's almost 9 p.m. I haven't broken it yet because I'm waiting for my mum to bring me some applesauce from Costco. That's going to be my dinner tonight, since I saw it at work today and I'm cravin' it.

I'm beginning to feel the effects from working 11 hours, walking around lifting things, serving food, washing dishes with no food/fuel. I'm exhausted! And actually, I'm more thirsty than anything; I'm addicted to water.

But I don't care that I'm exhausted, because as I said earlier, I've been runnin' on empty. And it feels reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaally good.

I only wish that I had come up with this religious fasting idea sooner. Ah, well. I learned from my mistakes so far.

Oh, and my friend T told me that he was really hungry when he went home after work during our 3-hour break. Then he told me that after a while, he wasn't hungry anymore, so he decided not to even eat dinner. I'm not sure if he'll eat dinner or not (I hope he does, because for some twisted reason I want him to fail...). But if he begins to eat less, it will be SO good for him. He desperately needs to lose weight. As does the rest of his family.

Hmm. I haven't got anything else to talk about tonight! If my mum doesn't bring the applesauce soon I'll just drink some water while I wait. 16 hours and counting that I haven't eaten O.o

Welcome new followers and thank you ladies for all the wonderful support :D

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Ana said...

Glad to hear things are going so well! and apple sauce is amazing... lol. Thanks for the kind comment, that's always appreciated :)