Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Summer Challenge 2009

Hey look, I'm my very own reverse thinspo! GAG

(sorry about the bad quality/editing. Click on them to enlarge. Embarassing though they may be, I want everyone to know that this is what I look like at the beginning of the challenge.) I also hope you guys put photos of yourselves up as well...I don't want to be the only one!

I'm beginning the challenge at last (finally have time!)
However, I'm going to put my height in here as well, because of the bmi.

Age: 18
Height: 5'3
Current Weight: 137
Goal Weight Loss: 37-40 pounds
Personal Goal: To end my addiction to peanut butter crackers; to cease relying on purging as a means of justifying my binges.
Biggest Challenges: Listening to myself; controlling binges; finding motivation/willpower to restrict
Anything else you want to add: I am tired of allowing slip-ups and I want everyone to see that I have control over my life.

Question For Week #1

Instead of gold, he gives you a choice. You can either:
A) Be forever the weight of your dreams, and never have to worry about gaining a pound.
B) Be the richest person in the world, and your money will never run out.

What do you choose?

I think I choose B. Being the weight of my dreams forever seems tempting, but then I'd be stuck that way...forever. Having an infinite amount of money would allow me to hire personal trainers and exotic trips to live with fasting monks in Tibet. Ya dig? I wouldn't waste my money to buy myself feasts. Most certainly.

Refuse, Resist, and Restrict pleasepleasepleaseplease

I'm sitting in my room trying EXTREMELY hard not to get out of my chair. Because I haven't had my daily peanut butter crackers yet and I swear I am about to die. I firmly believe that I am addicted to them (actually, my "firm belief" may be the cause of my "addiction". If I didn't believe that I was addicted, then maybe I wouldn't be addicted). Anyway, I am on the verge of tears. Pathetic, I know.
I want to eat them so bad I can hardly breathe, seriously. But I refuse to eat them. I have to. Because if I'm able to refrain from eating them, it will be my "hallelujah" moment.
Must. brush. teeth. NOW.


Ana said...

Hm, I wanna do this challenge too, I think...wary to start, though.
I admire the courage it took to post those pics - Good luck ^_^ You're going to look amazing

MiniKitty said...

Haha love your answer! I would totally pick b too! Good luck, I'm sure you'll be able to curb all of your naughty food addictions!!
xoxo Think thin!

PrettyWreck said...

Addiction is also many parts habit. You are in the habit of eating them, therefor, when you don't have them, you want them more. It's not so much breaking the addiction, as the habit. It's comforting, and normal.

And you'll be able to do it.

You have beautiful arms. That's strange for me to say, isn't it? But my arms are like...such a terrible part on my body, since they are horribly disproportionate to the rest of me. And yours FIT you.
You're going to do great on this challenge, I know it, and you have a lot of support to help you along. ♥

Stay strong, and if you need a shoulder, an ear, or support, you know you can always drop me a line and I'll be there for you ♥

margeurite said...

I'm glad you're joining the challenge too! Good luck, you can do this, babe.

Maybe you should ruin the pb crackers; throw bleach on them or at least throw them all out and never buy them again. It's only food; it has no power over you other than the power you give it.

RRR, dear <3