Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Minus 4 pounds since January 1.

I went to pick up my mum from the airport today. We stopped by Target to get some things, and I caught a whiff of Long John Silver's in the parking lot.
I went to LJS, got some fish & chips. Bad bad bad badbabdadlkfjasl;dfkjas;dfljsd;fljk idea!
I have promised myself that I will not purge this year. So now I have disgusting, grease-laden, fatty, sodium-laden fish and fries in my stomach.
Bring on the gastro-intestinal discomfort. It hurts, so very very badly.
Physically and mentally.
Fuck you, Skinny Love! You're a cruel person.

Orange juice for dinner. Mmmm.
What an achievement, eh?
What shit progress....but at least it's progress.

I suppose I shouldn't be angry with anything except myself.
After all, even though I'm eating less than 600 calories everyday, I'm not excersising.
I should be doing that, shouldn't I?

Tomorrow is the first day of the second semester of yooneevursuhtee. BOO.

I will find time to update this. I swear on all the fat on my bones.


tracy said...

Hi. i just found you blog and love it. So much of it speaks to me and i hope this doesn't totally flip you out, 'cause i'm old enough to be you mom!

Guess ED and all the food and junk that goes with it knows no age limit...hope you don't mind if i stick around. i promise, no preaching!
May a bit of concern once in a while...("The pot calling the kettle black", but do call me on it! My 18 year old son would!).

tracy said...

What are you studying? Damn, i wish i could go back in time! i have a totally useless degree in Sociology!

tracy said...

Please come back! This looks like an excellent blog...and i love your music!