Tuesday, 13 October 2009

sick pigs and bald heads

My mum says it's the swine flu. H1N1 virus OH MY GOD what ever shall I do?
My only reaction to her diagnosis was to immediately get in my bed - and not wake for TWO entire days.
I slept for almost 48 hours! I know I've been depriving myself of sleep, but holy shiitake mushrooms.

Anyway, so when you've got the flu you don't really have an appetite (at least, I don't).
I feel nauseated and every smell gives me the [unintentional] urge to purge - hey, that's catchy! URGE TO PURGE! URGE TO PURGE! .........sorry.

So I ate loads of Saltine crackers and apples & oranges. No binge-eating for four days straight! Hooray me!

Guess what?? I've found a new incentive for restricting and becoming thinner --------------

I want to shave my hair off. I've been sorta-kinda wanting to for a while now. The only thing hindering my sorta-kinda wish was the fact that I'm just too damn fat.

Oh and my mum's got cancer (I'm still and ignorant as to what type)...she's going through chemotherapy. Her hair had begun to fall out in patches. She didn't have much hair to begin with, so she was very reluctant to shave it off. Instead she started to wear hats and bandannas.
Then her "family" at the skydiving place (which is her second home, honestly!) decided it was high time she ditch the hats and just embrace herself and so they shaved her hair. They're wonderful :D
So I think by shaving my hair I'll join my mum's cause and she won't feel so alone, I think. And doing something as audacious as shaving my hair for my mum is an act of big loveylove, don't you think?
Oh yeah, and she weighs 105 lbs. And she's two inches taller than me. Boo!

I want to shave my hair, but I still want to look like a FEMALE.
No, I don't mind adrogynous looks - in fact, I favour adrog. styles - I just don't want people to mistake me for a man. It's happened before.
I know I don't look like a man but some people are ridiculous.
But I digress. I know for a fact that I'll look better if I were THIN and bald than FAT and bald.

Let's compare thin -

With fat -

Ignore the fact that it's a man. But don't you think he would look loads better sans fat?
And obviously the Jessica Biel & Angelina Jolie photos are fake, but they're thin and still ridiculously beautiful.

Anwho, you get the picture. To be bald, I must first be thin.

Other than that......................................................life's uneventful.
University and work and no bingeing and it's raining and that's it.

This post is all over the place and pointless but I love youuu


ruby said...

i've totally wanted to shave my head, but i've got all these ridges on my head so i think i'd look like i whacked my head on a post as a child and never formed properly haha

i'm sorry you've been sick but cheers to not binging! feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

fat and bald has to be one of the worst looks on the planet.

and i know its twisted but i'm so fucking jealous that you were stuck unable to eat for four days, without even having ot think of an excuse or function in any other way!

Lola said...

I wonder how much hair weighs? We should all cut our hair! J/k... a little. I grew my hair out for Wigs for Kids, and 13 inches of thick hair weighed at least a pound. Hmm...

absurdNes said...

What's funny is that that was my desire a year ago. :D I couldn't do it now because I've grown attached to my crazy hair - but it's true. . . the skinny can pull ANYTHING off whether it's being bald or simply dressing tacky. Thin is IN!

Daisy said...

I think you should go for it! Your mom would be so thankful. It's so wonderful of you to even be considering it. Maybe once you do it it will even give you that extra motivation to lose a few lbs :o)
It's only hair, it will grow back if you are unhappy with it.

Lola said...

I just found your blog and I love it!

I'm following!

With love,


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