Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Skinny Love has gone bye-bye for a while. Again.
She'll be back.

She discovered the deli section in Target.


Kelly said...

hope you are doing well, just know you're in my thoughts

flabby-j said...

where are you... i need ur posts for motivation. ugh, i'm failing. desperately seeking some advice.

Zoe said...

no!! come back! i love your blog, your words are thinspo!

Anonymous said...

Hurry back.

Jayne said...

What the? You cant just abandon ship!.. come back, Love the way you write

Kate said...

Are you ok? You haven't posted in a while. I think you might find my blog interesting too based on some of your posts. xoxo -Kate

minaralou said...

Hey SKinny Love!
I just decided to follow your blog,even tough u might be absent for a while! I really like xyour way to blog and would be really glad to read more of you!

sending you a zillion hugs for you and your plans (laos the shaving your head plan...this is such a moving thing to do for your Mum :'))

Bella said...

I'm not going to tell you to hurry back (I might have already; if so, I apologise and I feel dreadful).

Since you've been gone, lots of things have happened. Including full discovery and intervention, on my part.

Therefore, I have a new blog.

It's called Keep Me A Secret, Alice.

You can come visit me, or not. Do whatever you want, I hope you're alright, and I hope your Mum is too.

love, Bella.