Saturday, 12 September 2009

muchas gracias

100 followers - yowza! I'm so honoured to have all of you as my my friends :] Savory Sweet wrote a more eloquent post on the utter wonderfullness of you.

Today was a good day. I exercised for twenty-minute intervals all day long, while watching Man vs Food and Anthony Bourdain. It was difficult, seeing them eat all those disgustingly delectable briskets and curries and whatnot.

I have the house to myself until Tuesday. I've written out little notes to myself, ones that say things like "FATASS" and nice, cheesy ones that say things like "you can do it!!!". They're taped to the fridge, pantry door, and cupboards.

I'm finding it quite effective.

I'm down to 137, surprisingly. I had bran flakes, soymilk, a banana, V8, and an orange - 507 calories (which shocked me, but it was zero cholesterol and I burned 200...) If you're wondering, "why'd she eat today if it's Ramadan?" it's because I woke up late and wasn't able to eat startfast in time. Eating suhoor is so important that fasting won't count if you miss it.

As I'm losing the weight and becoming a bit happier I'll start to post regularly.

p.s. - New favourite show - "Supersize vs Superskinny".


Isabella said...

1. You totally DESERVE 100000000 followers.

2. WOWOWOW on the exercise front.

3. You should absolutely have a rockin' party and actually, completely TRASH your house (that's a total lie. That is exactly what you should NOT do)

4. (and finally) it is inconCEIVABLE that you look like a 500 year-old prostitute. A prostitute could not LIVE to 500, because they would have died of syphilis or genital warts.

And I KNOW that you don't have genital warts (don't ask how, you don't want to know)


LOVEYA SEXY BABE (in a completely 100% heterosexual way) (have I mentioned this before?)

ruby said...

congrats on such an excellent day! hope the notes help!

p.s. i'm totally addicted to supersize vs. superskinny too!


Anonymous said...

Felicitaciones! I'm so glad to be between the golden 100 :D

I find effective your method too, though i couldn't do it in my house because there's always somebody and they would stay like WTF if i did that.

Take care!

Strength said...

i like the post it idea..sounds like its working!! keep up the skinny!

E. said...

Supersize vs Superskinny is one of my favourite TV shows of all time :) And congrats on your will power!

Lola said...

Ohmigosh I love "Supersize vs Superskinny" too! I always think, "See, that's where you want to be, and that's where you could end up if you fail." It's great! Thinspo and reverse thinspo in one!!

*Princess*Smile* said...

sounds like your doing well :)
keep up the good work! x

Weighting2Escape said...

Sounds like the show's a hit, according to previous comments. I'll have to check it out.
My tournament went well on the exercise front. I played all game every game, so I ran around for about 2 and a half hours! We lost our first and last game, though, so we didn't make it through to semis. Our team was happy we didn't though, we all had plans! And we won the league so that's all that matters.
Congrats on the losing. And I can totally see myself doing stickies if my parents weren't home. But they always are.
Good luck and keep it up :)

Aspartame Freak said...

Hey hey.
Congrats on the 137 :3
Supersize vs superskinny rocks. xD

absurdNes said...

:] I agree! I love that show - I just started reading your blog - thank you for the reverse thinspo :] good-luck!