Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Monsieur Plateau is no longer

Came home, the scale read 135. I am so ecstatic, yet so confused at how fast I'm losing weight... It's been a pound a day...But if I'm 135 on today, then it should be 132 by Sunday, yeah? Whatever, I'm happy. So very happy. If you're feeling less than good, I'm beaming happy-vibes your way. lol.
PRAISE THE LORD, Skinny Love is at 136 :D :D :D :D
After a whole entire week, I've FINALLY lost two pounds - which is entirely too slow, but I'll go easy on myself because that weekend at my dad's is what hindered my progress.

I hope I'm 134 by Sunday, because you have to provide your height and weight to skydive so that they can pick the best-suited instructor...and I told the lady I was 134. So. I need to be at 134 by Sunday. Not for their benefit, of course, because they won't weigh me when I get there. For my benefit.

I've got 11 pounds to lose before I reach my lowest weight. Pray that I surpass that!

I've got to go to school now but when I return home I'll reply to all you lovelies. I hope you're as jolly as I am this fine Tuesday (or Wednesday, depending on where you live).

p.s. - this liquid fast, which I began yesterday, is not as hard as I expected...I just chew alot of sugar-free gum and eat a banana in the morning so my jaws don't become weak and useless...although my incessant chatter should take care of that ;]

Refuse, Resist, and Restrict ( <---- I forgot about that lol)
Overweight buffoon, but I'm smiling.


throughraindrops said...

weird i was just thinking the other day what was that three rs thing again
Refuse, Resist, and Restrict
forgot you thought it up
yay bye bye plateau

Anonymous said...

well i couldnt be happier for you, glad to be of assistance! i remember when it happened to me i started to sabotage myself out of hopelessness until i realised it was just the scales. happy vibes back at ya. xx

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about your day! And you're going skydiving?! AWESOME!!
Your face looks so good and I love your photos!