Monday, 31 August 2009

Have I reached the dreaded "p" word?


Please please PLEASE don't let this be a plateau. I need to lose weight CONSTANTLY.
With this week's liquid diet of 399-300 calories, I should lose a substantial amount of weight, and not plateau again. I HOPE. I've also bought a jump rope (or skipping rope), yay!

I'm going skydiving on Sunday!!!!!! I've finally mustered up enough courage. My mum has been skydiving for a year now, and she always tries to get me to go, and I adamantly refuse. I don't do heights, dude. I hate that flippy feeling you get in your stomach when you're on a massive rollercoaster, going down. That's actually the only thing I fear if I go skydiving...which is silly.
Anyway, mum is so small she has to wear a TWENTY pound weight belt when she skydives! WTF. >:[

I'm too lazy to post any photos on this post, but I'll make sure to tomorrow.

Love you all to death♥


Lost and Learning said...

ugh, well at least you aren't continually sabatoging yourself like I have been..

I'll liquid fast with you!

PrettyWreck said...

Oh god I hate plateaus. I only lose anymore around my period D:! It's like my body just wants to cling to it the rest of the time.

Good luck skydiving o.o You have way more courage than I do!

Anonymous said...


sometimes mine remembers the same weight but if i reset it, press lightly so it registers a much lower number and then weigh yourself again you may realise that you arent at a plateau, its just your scales that are!

onthewing said...

skydiving is SO much fun! you won't be disappointed. it's a little scary at first, looking down but then once you jump, it's so exhilarating.

sorry about the steady weight. it sucks when it seems like you're stuck and nothing is moving. but don't worry, it won't stay that way forever!


Anonymous said...

oh and in answer to your comment from a while ago, i love DJs like Alex Metric, Pantha du Prince (more minimal techno but hey) Alex Smoke, Deadmau5, Nathan Fake, Friendly fires etc etc.

and no it wasnt a quote from skins, i cant watch that show, its too ridiculous.

hope there's a steep drop at the edge of your plateau, and you can absail all the way down no problems, we'll hold the ropes for you...

Anonymous said...

Your mom does skydiving?? Wow that's such a cool mom!
I love that kind of activities, skydiving, bungee jumping, parachute..though i've only made the second hehe..skydiving looks frightening, but i guess once you're in the air you forget about eeverythin!! (yes, even about the weight, lol)

Don't worry for the plateau, i though i reached it this week-end (45.00000 kg for 2 days) but today i lost 0.2 i'm sure you'll lose weight soooon.

Btw that list of hispanic names was hilarious (Itzel? what's that? a disease? haha jk..) my name is closer to the first one you mentioned :D

Take care!

Kelly said...

hope you break through the dreaded p

& that is soooo cool you are going sky diving, can't wait to hear all about it!