Saturday, 22 August 2009

fuck being female >:[

 went to sleep at 3:30 this morning, having set my alarm to wake me up an hour later for suhoor (breakfast during Ramadan)...and my alarm DIDN'T go off and instead I woke up at TEN. I jump out of bed, only to find that my fucking PERIOD has started. *&^@#%$@#$!!$@$%$#@@!!$#!@!!!!!!!!!!!

So I missed the FIRST day of Ramadan, AND now my fast won't count for a week because of my period which I now have to deal with and I fucking DESPISE menstruating SO much.


I apologise for my rant.

I'm wondering if I should just fast anyway, regardless of the fact that it's not going to be counted. Does starving yourself while menstruating have any adverse effects? By that I mean will my uterus painfully shrivel up? I need help, please!

Hot Chip is one of my favourites ♥ 
Oops, I should have explained Ramadan better! Sorry guys.
Okay, so for Muslims, Ramadan is obviously a major part of the religion. There's alot to explain so go HERE and you can read all about it :]

But about it not being counted - fasting becomes obligatory for all Muslims once they reach puberty, so around 13 years of age (and I'm sure it sucks for all those poor girls who begin menstruating at 9).

However there are exceptions to fasting. People who are ill, pregnant, menstruating, even travelling, are exempt from fasting, because it is physically draining and those people need sustenance. Can you dig it?

And then there are things that people may do during the day that will break the fast - sex, swearing, lying, etc. Basically immoral and/or impure things (refraining from sex is just so that the mind isn't occupied with dirty thoughts lol).

And if a person has missed any number of fasting days, they're supposed to make up those days before the end of the year.

So. I've decided to fast during my period - which will be for my benefit. Then when it's done I'll fast for Ramadan.


Anonymous said...

Nope, I actually find it much easier to restrict or fast during my period just because cramps can mask hunger pangs. Of course, if you're going to have to "make up" for the fasting that doesn't count... then that's 2 weeks of fasting and that MIGHT have adverse effects.

Also, I've found that fasting in / around the second week of your cycle can nearly to completely get rid of your period for the next month, regardless of how little you eat otherwise.

@"How did you manage to eat 500 calories of bread? It must have been extremely tasty,"

LOL...I may have over-estimated a tiny bit... but it felt like very HEAVY bread.

Anonymous said...

it wont count because youre on your period? what kinda shit is that? and why wouldnt it count? i dont know the rules..

or are you saying it wont count because you already woke up late and missed the first day part?

anywho. good luck!

PrettyWreck said...

It depends on your metabolism and your body. On my period, I have to eat very carefully, because I an get anemic. I've actually fallen asleep while walking beccause i was trying to fast.

Try drinking lots of soy milk, and if you do fast, don't do a no-calorie fast. Soy milk (chocolate soy milk, even - there's a reason we crave sweets) could help. Make sure to have iron supplements. But I think protein is your best bet, and soy is a great place to get that from.

Also - about you being one of those people?

throughraindrops said...

haha i now what it feels like to wish you were so starved you didnt have a period god i hate them

btw you will love new skins cast if you give then a chance like at first you will probz be like omg nooo i want the old cast back but then youll be like omg i love these guys to:) its all about tonys sister effy


Isabella said...

Well that's just unfair. But, that extra week, who knows, may do you good! ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx