Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Audacious me

Okay, ever since I told my mum about my ED, I've become a bit more bold on here (by posting a photo of my face). So I think I will now tell you where I live...and post another photo.
I live in Texas, yeeeeeehaw

(I don't like this one - my cheeks aren't hollow...)
I don't know how long I'll leave this up here....I may even keep it. It depends on how comfortable I am with the chance that someone I know will discover this blog....what do you think?

p.s. - Have any of you seen the show "Starved"?
(That's Episode 1, part 1) It's a show about 4 New Yorkers with various eating disorders. It only aired for eight episodes I think, all on YouTube - I really liked it)

And also "skins" (this is a bit of an older show, and I'm certain all you Brits have seen it)
(haha it's my favourite show - unfortunately it doesn't air in the US)


Kelly said...

I love the glasses!

& I grew up in Texas, I've lived in NC for 16 years now, but I'd move back in a heartbeat :)

Anonymous said...

You remind me of a spanish model whose name i CANT BLOODY REMEMBER.

and i'm so glad someone else appreciates the SHEER GENIUS that was starved. I watched the entire thing in one go on youtube, its so brilliant. Really hits the nail on the head, apparently all the writers and actors had experience of EDs which is why its so well done i think. Such a shame it got cancelled, but i suspect that without having an ED its not really that funny-coz-its-true.


heebeejebus! said...

Skins airs on BBC America. : ) I don't know if you have that though.

I watched Starved for a while! Do you remember when that first aired?

Also you're SO pretty! : )

Sassy Little Frassy with Bulimia said...

you are very pretty :)
my glasses are almost identical to yours!

Anonymous said...

hey you are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I heard skins were really good, don't know if I'm gonna have time watching it though as school is starting. Hope you're doing good.

PrettyWreck said...

Texas? Your wish might come true about meeting people, because next summer I'm taking a road trip to visit a huge amount of friends out there. I'm saving up right now for it :3

I've seen Skins, but only part of it. I got bored kind of fast, I guess. I think it was because I was surrounded by major fangirls of it. But I will definitely check out Starved.

You're VERY pretty, btw. ♥ I like the glasses

Six of Hearts said...

i tried to find starved on youtube and couldnt THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

And yep - I LOVE cassie on skins with the ed - but series two doesnt focus on that at all - can you but it is the us? because if not i think the uk edition will work on laptops - my one always changes the region setting... sort of makes region settings somewhat pointless but im happy!

Anonymous said...

I am from Iowa. =)
And omg, you are soooo pretty. I dont think anyone will find your blog unless they were specifically looking for it.. and even then I have my doubts they would find it. <3

throughraindrops said...

skins omg i love it sooo much still not sure i like he new cast as much but it still the best :)

btw i think your really pretty


Anonymous said...

Wow-- that looks like a professional shot!

Personally, I'd take it down. That your mom knows is definitely cause to be a little less cautious, but I'd be afraid of classmates, prospective employers, co-workers, etc., finding out. Something like this could ruin your reputation. (I realize that sounds offensive... I'm just paranoid , and also a little too concerned with what people think.)

But congratulations on telling your mom-- that's a big step. (At least, I'm assuming it's a good thing?)

Thanks for your comment, btw.


heebeejebus! said...

I was SO iffy on the new season of Skins, but I lovelovelovelovelove it. No characters could come close to the original two seasons, but I'm already so attatched to the ones this season! Haha.

I would take a photo, but my camera doesn't have a memory card or a cord and the other camera is dead!

And thank you for the sweet comment! : )