Monday, 24 August 2009

kawlur boenz

Even after only two days of fasting and 350 calories each day, my collarbones are becoming visible :D

I'm taking a dance class on Tuesdays and Thursdays (actually it's one of my college classes). Soooooo now I can burn loads of calories and have fun, because I love to dance. (Wow, my writing is really rudimentary today, but I'm too lazy for fancy intelligent talk lol).

I can't write too long of a post because I've got friends over, so tomorrow I'll write more and post a photo.

You guys are the best :]]]]


Isabella said...

Well, you're incredible. And why do I always look even fatter at night? Water retention, maybe? Anybloo, I love the dancing idea, even though I'm so pathetically hopeless at it. You're going to look so amazing!

Weighting2Escape said...

Oh, I love when my collarbones protrude. Such a great reward.
Anyways, I'm relatively new to ED blogging (but not EDs). I'd love for some mutual support.
Keep it up, girl :)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of you-- my counselor insisted that I can forgo the school's PE requirement and take psychology AND art history instead. Which sounds just a tad ridiculous, if you ask me.

Good luck with everything-- and congratulations on your weight loss and collarbones! (Apparently I'm REALLY jealous of you :))


Anonymous said...

you rock <3
keep up the good work!
i dont mind your normal language.. no need to be fancy here lady!

heebeejebus! said...

Yippee! My collar bones are coming through just a bit, too, and it's SO exciting! Haha.
Good job on the two days, as well. : )

That dance class sounds so fun! I really want to take a class in something that will burn calories. My brother is taking a karate class and I'm so jealous. Haha.