Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm in love with my professorrrrrrrrrr

of Philosophy. It takes all of my self-control not to stare at his handsome face lol.
I'll reply to your comments in a couple hours; I have to go sit with mi familia while they eat dinner.

Today the scale read - 138. Still fat but decreasing every day :]

I was trying to be a hipster ahahaha
I only like this because of Monet.
Mum made pecan-walnut-almond brownies. I ate one for breakfast (had a banana for startfast) and it just about murdered my stomach. I feel uncomfortably full and I'm scared that 138 lbs will be higher tomorrow morning :[
Even though I've only had a banana and the brownie I really really really want to purge this revolting flour-chocolatey pile of shit. But I must resist!

And I need to catch up on your comments! I'm lagging behind, and you guys deserve an ASAP reply♥


heebeejebus! said...

Haha, well that's not so bad; I purposely didn't sign up for Calculus this year because the teacher is so beautiful I wouldn't have been able to concentrate. : )

Anonymous said...

Lol i used to be in love with a bass teacher i had..but nothing ever happened :(..i like Monet too!

Take care

PrettyWreck said...

I think the Monet is a very good background for that. But I love Monet ♥ :3

I wish I looked as skinny as you at this weight. You're only 4 inches taller but it looks so much better on you than on me D:

When I first had philosophy, I had this one professor who I had the biggest crush on. I don't know why. He was particularly attractive. In fact, he looked sort of sickly. Very washed out pale-white, almost snowy, with this pale blond hair, blue eyes, very thin. Like, too skinny. Shorter, (probably 5'4 tops?) and he wore the most goofy suits. Like, they would look nice on a regular guy, but on him, they looked a mix between very well pressed and geeky.
But he used to get so excited about philosophy. Whenever someone would mention a new take on Kant or Nietszche (his particular favorite, and mine too), he would get so passionate. He sort of talked like he was always nervous, and paced a lot. But I used to stay after class with him for an hour just to listen to him talk XD

I don't know WHY I had a crush on him. I think it was sort of that maternal "Let me take you home and squish you" sort of thing. But he was very cute XD

See said...

don't worry,
you did really well!

heebeejebus! said...

Haha I totally get what you mean. I'm so attracted to men that are knowledgeable about history/international issues/current issues. It doesn't help that my school tends to hire really attractive men to teach those subjects. : D

Wow, 'doctor without borders,' that sounds really intense and amazing.

And yeah I hope I'll figure mine out soon. : ) Thank you!

Weighting2Escape said...

Oh, God. I just love philosophy anything. Hot proffessor, textbook, theory, you name it!
And thanks for you comment :) Today my feelings are HAPPINESS and CONTENTMENT.
Don't feel too bad about the brownie, just work it off. I always feel better after burning some cals on the bike or going for a run.