Monday, 24 August 2009

Delicious reverse thinspo starring yours truly

You think I'm pretty? Think again. Have you ever seen the version of The Cat in the Hat with Mike Myers? And Alec Baldwin is the slick, handsome beau? And then when he goes home he becomes a disgusting, obese creep who wears a corset to disguise his massive gut? That's ME (not in the creepy way). I may not appear big, but my clothes posess awesome powers of concealment.

So let your disgust be known. I want you to tell me how disgusting and horrid my FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT body is, please please please! Make me hate myself even more so that I work even harder to reach my goal. I say this in all seriousness. LOOK. AT. ME. I am a humpback whale. I am the WALRUS, KOOKOO KACHOO.

These Diesels (the smallest ones) are the ones I want to wear the most.
Do you enjoy my stretchmarks and lovehandles?
I'm expecting my food baby to miscarry very soon.
These are my mum's jeans. While I can't even pull them over my walrus-ass, they're BAGGY on her. I intend to wear these, oh yes. I WILL fit into these deezinah geenz if it kills me.

I'm fat! Oh golly gee wiz I'm so fat! FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT!!!

I deleted my fattybody photos. You shall suffer no longer, my friends!


Sarah. said...

you're close!!
you'll get there one day soon!
good luck! :)

Jax said...

I love when my food baby miscarries!

Anonymous said...

I still think you're pretty (you have a beautiful face)

In what concerns your body, you can do it! i'm sure that if you keep with your plan, fasting and doing exercise, those love handles will disappear soon.

Take care

Isabella said...

Bullshit, Ma Cherie! Tu est belle. Even if you don't speak french, you could probably figure a little bit of that out. Anyway, you're so amazingly brave putting photos up, wish I was (I'm not)... And just keep working for it! Because we all know you'll get there!

Six of Hearts said...

I actually love the way you have posted those pictures on here!! I dont really get how american sizes work not 27 and stuff - explain!!! LOVEAGE. x

throughraindrops said...

" food baby miscarry soon "
lmao loved it lol

the day you can zip and button those jeans up will be a lovelly one xx

Aspartame Freak said...

See how they fly like Lucy in the Sky...
Beatles <3

I've got huge love handles, and stretch marks, and a pair of jeans I aim to fit.

Anonymous said...

I know you want harsh criticism, but... I'm incredibly jealous of your waist! And Isabella is right-- you're much braver than I could ever be. Good luck with your goals-- you'll be there soon!