Saturday, 29 August 2009


I got away with eating only a banana for startfast, and I convinced LJ to eat only a banana as well. But my stomach really felt as though it were being ripped apart from too much food, ugh.

Thank God tomorrow I'm going back home....although I fear last night's over-eating may have caused me to either gain, or not lose. EEEEEEEEKK. But it'll be back to my normal Ramadan schedule. And hopefully by the end of next week I'll be around 133-131.

I think I may do liquids-only for this coming week. Well, for breakfast. In the morning's I'll eat some sort of fruit, and then at night it'll be 1/2 each of chocolate soymilk, orange juice, V8, and then all the water I want.
135, I think
Look at that fuckin' stomach bulge(s).
P.S. - I have the sudden urge to binge. Fortunately for me there is absolutely NOTHING worth bingeing on here at my dad's, because he is a health freak and doesn't believe in junk food. THANK YOU :]


Isabella said...

I had the urge to binge, and it ended with me chewing and spitting twenty-seven pieces of gum. Just long enough to get the calories out of them, not long enough for the flavour to go... So good work, you.

And that picture of yours is blurry gorgeous! love, the fishes (is another way of saying xxxxxxx, but i like fish better than X's) I'm never sure if that has an apostrophe or not. I'll have to find out soon, won't I?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lucky your dad's a healtho! My dad just eats whatever he wants when he wants, he's not the thinnest but he's not really that big either.

Believe it or not, I really like that second picture of you where you are standing up by that graffiti wall, :)