Tuesday, 25 August 2009

139 pounds say what? (still a fatass, however)

My class isn't a dance class. It's a fucking dance APPRECIATION class! wtfwtfwtf >:[
We'll go to the studio occasionally. Not to dance, no, but to do MOVEMENT EXERCISES.
Grrrrrrr. I'm actually looking forward to it because we'll be going to dance concerts/theatres/museums, but where the hell is the dancin' part????? Now I have to exercise at home, bleh.

And I've got Philosophy of Religion (I'm a freshman in college, if that wasn't apparent already lol), which I am ecstatic about because Religions are one of my most favourite things.

When I fast, I'm only hungry at around 8 a.m., then it subsides and doesn't come back for the remainder of the day. However, I am a huge lover/gulper of water, and I usually drink 3 liters a day. Thirst is much more unbearable to me than hunger. If I can't have my daily water, I'm as good as dead lol.

I think I'll begin calling breakfast "startfast", and dinner "breakfast". It makes sense during Ramadan lol.

Alright, I promised a fattyfat photo of me:
Versailles, March 2009 (walking 9 miles a day and eating three meals, no snacks kept me at 130)
Mango's Vegan Cafe, Houston, July 2009 (I think I look decent for not having slept in 48 hours, yeah?)
Oooh, you're becoming so bold, Skinny Love. Postin' two photos at once and all.
My "breakfast" (lol you guys will have to remember that I changed the name!) was 1 cup each of orange juice, chocolate soymilk, and V8. I actually couldn't finish an entire cup (liquid is so filling), so I only drank about 3/4 of each one. My total calories were under 380, so I'm doing well.
137 or 136 lbs by Friday?


heebeejebus! said...

Wow, you're SO pretty! Even with 2 days of no sleep!

Haha the startfast/breakfast thing is so funny.

Lost and Learning said...

Ha, getting to exercise during school is one resaon why I love being a physed student! I have hockey and yoga my first semester and dance my second semester. It's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Yeeeah pictures are back! xD

When i fast, i'm only hungry at....mmmm well i'm always hungry when i fast lol especially at 4pm..i call it "the killing hour".

Btw thaanks for your comment, it really made me have a laugh (i didn't know you speak spanish..so watching you telling me "amiga" was hilarious and great!)

Take care "amiga"!

Anonymous said...

Wow-- how much do you weigh in the second photo? Your face looks really slim.

And I love your meal plan... that does sound really filling.

Happy Ramadan :)

Aspartame Freak said...

He is *o*
Can't stalk him everyday tho'
He's in the city, while Im in da Pueblo. .-.

I call them hatehandles.

See said...

you are so pretty, really.
good luck with your plans,
I know you'll get 136 by friday!
good luck, I hope your okay.

Isabella said...

Your plan is amazing! And I want to severely marry your cheekbones. Yes, severely. You're so brave, ma cherie!

And also, thanks so amazingly much for your support.

And also, I get the 8am hunger thing too! And you know how I know it's 8am on the donger? Because that's when I get on the bus.

And your startfast/breakfast thing is cleverer than Bill Gates. ;)

Love from FISH.

Jax said...

Few things:

I think I'll begin calling breakfast "startfast", and dinner "breakfast". It makes sense during Ramadan lol.

LOVE that. I'm taking that approach as well.

You're SO pretty.

And I LOVE Versailles! One of my favorite towns in France.



Weighting2Escape said...

That sucks about your dance appreciation class! That's happened to me before. I signed for a live fit course and it turned out to be all about healthy eating and we rarely got to exercise. What a waste. I just feel so unmotivated to work out by the time I get home, I always want to eat and pass out. I need an ana/exercise buddy!
And Skinny Love is an AMAZING song. Bon Iver is just unreal. I'm getting a tattoo of the first two lines of Re:Stacks (This my excavation / Today is Kumran). You should check out the other song I linked to one of my blogs (Lua by The Bright Eyes)
Anyways...happy losing :)

PS You're beautiful!

Isabella said...

You're going to hate me, eventually. Because I am slightly fascinated by this website. ANYBLOO!
Tes sûr que tu ne viens pas du ciel? Parce que tu rassembles à une ange!

I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD IT! It's lovely. I am absolutely, totally gobsmacked, because my french is not fabulous, but it will be, because I am going to disown Australia. Ha.