Sunday, 30 August 2009

I wish I could eat my homework

Can I drop out of uni already? Please?

I'm back from my dad's. I immediately weighed myself when I came back, and to my relief, I'm still at 137.

Meal plan for today -
Banana - 120
1 cup orange juice - 110
1 cup cran-raspberry juice - 140
1 cup V8 - 50
Total - 421
With excersize I'll bring the total amount to the 300's. And then hopefully by Friday 134 at the MOST.

Blegh - weekly fatty photo time!
*Note - all of these are from a period of two years ago to the present, thus explaining the different styles of my hair, and any visible weight differences!
And you know, I have no clue why I'm even uploading photos of myself every week...? I've turned my blog into a vain-look-at-me-I've-just-post-photos-of-my-face blog. Perhaps I'm feeling just a bit happier each day as I lose more weight, and I'm going easy on myself and my self-loathing.....HAH.

What I really want to post photos of are my friends and family...but I won't evereverever do that.
Anyway....I'll leave these up until tonight. Happy fatty viewing!


Isabella said...

Dahhhling, it may have hurt, but imagine the JAW muscles! I'm pretty much able to bite through ANYTHING now.

Shut up... You have SUCH a pretty, thin face! And I love the photos you post of you. So shut up about that too ;)

Looofe, the Fishes who are sneeink because zey have ze Sun in zeir eyes.

Flushed said...

Better and better, I'm luvin' it! Keep up the great work!

Stay Strong!

Anonymous said...

You can't eat your homework!!! do u know how many calories does a single piece of paper have?? ofc you must know it..paper is a priority in calorie charts! xD

I like the last pic, you look very futuristic.

Btw my real name is not Brune, but i spell as you do (Broo-nay). My real name is way too spanish to be pronounced by you anglo speaker! haha jk xD

I already found my gato, he says hi

Take caree

Lost and Learning said...

I love the last photo as well.
You hair looks so pretty on your pretty little face

onthewing said...

you're beautiful! i love the short hair in the last picture.

and my god, i have so much homework right now i wish i could eat it all. i feel you on wanting to drop out of university.

hope you're doing well. x

Anonymous said...

I like photos, but I missed yours this week.

Can you tell me what V8 is?