Thursday, 27 August 2009

Nothing much to say

Except that I love all of you.
And photos -
Still 138, but tomorrow should be down from that. I just weighed myself and it's 137 :]]
But then I ate some peas... and a gold dusted (!) laughing Buddha-shaped chocolate. BLEH. His obese stomach will cause me to gain back everything tomorrow. But I will keep my attitude positive. I reached my week's goal!


Anonymous said...

Those photos look awesome!! Really cool and matrix like in the upper one and very funky and hip-hoppy in the second one.

I like your eyes, very brown. Plus you don't show even a sign of an underchin and you're just so pretty :)

See said...

I love the photos,
your really pretty!
and I love the hat.
stay strong.

Weighting2Escape said...

You have lovely cheekbones. And you look great :) Keep it up!