Sunday, 23 August 2009


So I've come up with something. I think every day of the week I will post a photo of myself, then take it down the next day. Then at the end of the week, or rather Sunday, I'll put all of that week's photos together in one post, then take them down that night (Sunday night), and then on Monday begin a new week of a photo-a-day...
I'm doing this because I wanted to make myself a bit more identifiable on here...although I appreciate everyone who contains themself to just words sans photos. And also this way, no one will miss a photo, because they'll be here altogether all day Sunday.

A sidenote - as much as I despise myself and my body, I am quite vain and I think I'm photogenic. However, most photos of me are taken by ME. I never look good when photographed by others...really. I think I just know what my best angles are and I don't feel self-conscious taking a million photos of my face when I'm the one taking them...

So here they are


  plus an extra:
(This one is from February, when I was 125)
I don't really smile in my photos (because I'm always smiling in person lol). My expression is usually the same too lol, and I also take mostly headshots. So I think next week I'll post photos of me smiling, and photos of where my fatfatfat body is included.
The fasting is going swimmingly - I had a cup of chocolate soymilk and 1/2 cup of applayysauce. I'm lightheaded and my brain is throbbing and I feel happyyyyyyy :]]]]]
Oh and I put new songs on my playlist, so no more annoying Evanescence everytime you visit my page lolllll
Broke my fast at sunset - I had 1/2 cup of steamed white rice, 1/2 an orange, 1/2 an apple, and loads of water. I AM SO FULL bleh. The rice was unforseen. But, being the Afghan rice-eating machine that I am, I just had to have some. It was extremely difficult to stop at 1/2 a cup.
So I'm full, but not in the shit-I-need-to-purge kind of full. Wait, scratch that. I want to purge everything nownownownow. But I'll restrain myself.
Total caloric intake: 352 (after calories burned from exercise)


Isabella said...

Want to know what you are, Lovely?
You are fucking sexy. Sorry, that was quite frank. But I wish my cheeks did what yours do! Oh well, it'll happen.

Flushed said...

Yup, you're totally photogenic! I love the picture of you wearing the glasses it looks like it could be an ad/poster in a LensCrafters or something.

Way cool that you are posting photos of yourself. Maybe one day I'll garner up the courage, I'm not quite so pretty tho :( AND I'm fat! Ugh! So perhaps when I lose some more.


SBB said...

So gorgeous!
I do the same thing: take a million pictures of myself BY myself... lol.
I refuse to take pictures with other people or while around other people

PrettyWreck said...

You are very photogenic. I do the same thing (take a million pictures of only myself xD) because I think I'm the only one that knows how to photograph me.

I think that's a good idea! But I like seeing pictures of the people I'm talking to xD

Isabella said...

Three pounds is one and a half kilos. And that's magnificent. And SURE, the thunder-thighs competition is TOTALLY on. Guess who's going down: me.