Thursday, 12 March 2009

Europe to your neck in food

My weight has been at 127 for the past 4 days.
Understandable, because I've had about the same amount of calories (from 1200 to 1500), and I've been doing the same workouts every night.
That has got to change if I want to lose weight. This maintaining is not what I want.

On a different note -
Sunday (the day of my departure for London and Paris) is almost here! I'm am greatly anticipating the trip.
But I'm also concerned about how I will eat. I will certainly have breakfast (that will be strange), because of all the walking and sightseeing I will be doing. I'm not so sure about lunch (by the way, this is a guided tour, so we're on a schedule). If I can resist the variety of restaurants I will be okay. Dinner will be another story...

I wonder - even if I eat three meals a day, the food may possibly be more healthy than American food. And what with all the walking, I may be able to LOSE weight.
I dunno. I'll just make sure to weigh myself the morning I leave, and then weigh myself the night I return, eight days later.

I may not be able to post until after next week, so I will say au revoir for now!
Wish me luck on being lighter when I come back!


Anonymous said...

The title of your post made me smile. All the walking should do good things for the scale. Sounds like so much fun!

Celia said...

Good luck!! Hope you hvae fun over here in Europe. Watch out for pastries, although they DO tend to be smaller than US ones.

Jenna said...

Good luck, and have fun on your trip!

Ana said...

:D how exciting, have an awesome trip and come back skinny!

joanna <3 said...

wish you a great trip :*

Paris and London are two wonderful cities, I assume you will come back not only lighter but healthier and happier :)