Monday, 30 March 2009

I'm a dizzee rascal

Okay, I think you guys deserve to know what's been happening in my life these past two weeks! I feel awful that I haven't really updated; I'm still extremely busy but I will try to update much more frequently!

And now, a somewhat condensed account of my spring break:

London and Paris were absolutly fantastique! I had so much fun. I went with 14 other people from my school. We stay in London for three days, and then Paris for three days. Saw all the major landmarks - Tower of London, Tate Modern, Big Ben, the Royal Palaces, Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Versailles palace, etc. We averaged about 9 miles of walking everyday; the second day I could hardly walk, but by the fourth day my legs had strengthened and become toned.

I saw maybe a total of FOUR overweight people, in both cities. I'm not surprised, however. What with all the walking and no fast food but McD's (as far as I saw), almost everyone is fit and thin. There were so many well-dressed, thin guys and girls that I wanted to cry in shame. I was truly embarrassed to walk the city streets, because of how uglyfat I am.

Some other things we did/saw:
  • Jack the Ripper tour
  • The Phantom of the Opera live performance
  • Seine River Cruise
Of course, it was inevitable that I would eat three meals a day. I didn't eat much for breakfast - mostly a loaf of french bread and cheese. For lunch it seemed all there was were sandwiches! But I love sandwiches, so that is what I ate for lunch six days in a row. They were all foot long, with mostly cheese, chicken, tomatoes, and lettuce. Dinner was already set up each night, so I had to eat it anyway. Thank God the portion sizes were smaller than here in the states! And I didn't ever finish it all (which surprised me because even if I don't like something, I eat it regardless).

All the food was delicious! Aaaaand - I stopped eating ketchup a long time ago because I found out it had high fructose corn syrup in it...but in London, the ketchup was HFCS-free! So I was able to have some with my "chips".
I also allowed myself a couple desserts each day (on account of the vigorous walking!). I will refrain from describing them, for fear of sparking a binge..

We never had time time to stop for food other than lunch, so I never had any snacks. It was just three square meals a day, drinking nothing but water.

I didn't want to leave and come back home, and now, two weeks later I still miss London & Paris and want to go back!

There is so much more to tell, but I think it would fit better into a novel...hah.
I finally stopped my binge rampage yesterday night. I resumed my usual nightly exercises (that I hadn't done in two weeks). I'm at 134, and it shows. I can feel and see the quickly-gained fat all over my body.
Today the ONLY things I ate were a banana, a small Gala apple, and an orange, all cut up into a fruit salad.
286 calories total.
The pounding headaches, shakiness, and dizziness have finally come back! Hurrah! I haven't felt hunger in such a long time...and it feels beautiful.
It's period time this week....ugh.
But I don't mind because my hunger makes me want to dance and jog and do pushups and that is precisely what I'm about to do. :D

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