Wednesday, 18 February 2009

127 today!!! Two pounds from yesterday, although I'm fairly certain it was mostly the food weighing me down the other day...but hopefully by Saturday it will be at least 125.

My cell phone has got this nifty little fitness program. It counts steps, miles, running, and then at the end it tells me my results (i.e. calories burned). Starting today, I'm going to leave it in my pocket to make sure that every step I take counts.

As for fitness, I've finally decided to squeeze some exercise time into my schedule. I've already got a sort of sedentary lifestyle; occasionally I dance around...but that achieves nothing.

So I'm thinking I'll do a variety of things each day. For instance yesterday, I jogged and danced. Today I did full-body toning:
8 lunges
35 sit-ups
20 push-ups
30 squats
80 inner-thigh lifts
(I know, the numbers are a bit lame, but I've only just started...)
Tomorrow is hardcore stretching.

I used to be in drill training (comprised of mostly ballet and flexibility workouts) in ninth grade, and my body was sooo strong and slim. Four years later and 30 pounds heavier I am going to be that ninth-grader again, I swear it.

I've also really come to like the livestrong website. I can search for any food imaginable, and it gives me the calories. I can plan meals, add exercises, and it gives me all the nutrition information.

Seriously, go to

Then click on "My Plate" and begin! It really makes everything easier.

Anyway, since today was a 400s calorie day, I decided to make the most out of each meal.
For breakfast:
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup cheerios
and half a banana
It didn't taste as great as I thought it would, so I think I'm finished with milk for a while. Which is a good thing, because the past couple days I had been craving milk, even though I don't like it. I'm looking forward to apples and oranges for breakfast again!

Dinner was:
2 small potatoes - 50
1 biscuit - 180
grapes - 13
My entire family attempted to get me to try some chocolate wafer thing from Puerto Rico. They tried for ten minutes! Finally my mum gave up and said I wouldn't eat it because I was on a diet...HAH. If only she knew... Anyway, I adamantly refused, because of course I can't have the calories, and mostly because I don't like wafers. I will admit, however, that it was EXTREMELY difficult to refuse it, because it was chocolate. I hated myself for not snatching it and cramming it in my mouth, but I was also proud that I could turn chocolate down. Thank God I did; otherwise I would have gone over my 400s limit...

Today's grand total was 438, and I burned off 695. My stomach is rumbling, which is exactly what it's supposed to do.
Tomorrow my limit is the 300s. Shouldn't be too difficult!

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