Thursday, 19 February 2009


STILL 127 this morning @#%@#$^#!@!@#!@!! Gahhh, I need to REALLY restrict and exercise more if I want that damn 7 to go away...

I wasn't even hungry this morning when I ate my orange - I had THREE exams today, and I was very anxious. I'm fairly certain I failed all three...

Today at lunch a friend was about to throw away her rice krispy treat. I used to not like them, but I do now, and I really hate to waste I ate it. I felt so terribly guilty after that, because I NEVER eat anything around lunchtime, and there I was stuffing a ten million calorie glob of sugar in my mouth. A couple hours later I ate 7 almonds. This scared me because I know once I eat something in the middle of the day, I will most likey binge. So when I got home I looked up the calories - rice krispies are 90, and the almonds were 40. PHEW.
So for dinner I tried to eat as little as possible. I had
1/2 cup rotini - 105
Grapes - 25
slice of potato - 5
biscuit - 35
1 peanut M&M - 10 (I just had to, all I ever really dream about is chocolate...)
Then I high-tailed it out of the kitchen because I felt an enormous binge coming on....

The total for today was 388; I came dangerously close to going over my limit! But it's sort of alright because I burned 1,229 calories in exercising (and other things - I also include sleeping lol).

I've also decided that only stretching isn't going to do me much good. So I think I'll jog everyday, as well as alternating toning and stretching. My entire body is sore from last night's workout :D

hoping progress will come swifter...

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