Tuesday, 17 February 2009


129 again today...I hope that weight doesn't stick.
I have to wait a couple days before the scale goes down. I feel the impatience building.
I calculated my caloire intake for yesterday - it was over 1,300. damnit. That's even more than what the livestrong site suggested. And, as is inevitable when I stuff myself, my stomach killed me all night long.
I know I need to add exercising to my daily routine...but I just don't have any time. After today, however, I'll add at least 30 minutes of a variety of workouts everyday. That'll prevent any binge episodes, because I CANNOT jump around with two pounds of food in my stomach.

Today I had:
a glass of milk - 150
2 petite redskin potatoes - 40
1/2 celery stalk - 3
cookie, m&m's, rolo's - 218 (damn, I think I went overboard)
10 grapes - 50
TOTAL - 518

Tomorrow I'll lower it to the 400s, I suppose. And then on Thursday I'll try the 300s. I think it'll be easier than switching from 1300 to 100... Even though I need to learn how to control myself so that 100 is all I get everyday...
Hopefully by Thursday I'll be back down to 127...


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Anna said...

i ♥ the line at the top of your blog!

I've come too far to take orders from a cookie :o)

thanks 4 following my blog, i'm looking forward to your posts!