Sunday, 15 February 2009

recap of the weekend

If I could tear out my stomach, I would.

Friday (the day of the school trip) began good - I woke up at five and went to school. Waited for everyone to get on the bus, and we were off. After two hours on the bus we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. I didn't even need to control food cravings because I loathe loathe loathe Mickey D's. So I ate an orange. Four hours later we stopped for lunch, and friends noticed I wasn't eating. I lied and told them my stomach hurt because I was carsick, but when we got back on the bus I ate half a nectarine so they wouldn't be too suspicious. I could hardly swallow it! After an hour we made it to the exhibit - it was absolutely phenomenal, but I can't say I was blown away. For some reason things don't phase me - not even skinless bodies that have been sliced in half to expose every organ. I was, however, completely awe-struck by the gargantuan dinosaur skeletons. OH. MY. GOD. I'd never seen an actual dino fossil before, and I was mesmerized.
Anyway, I took loads of photographs and then we left and two hours later we stopped at that diner. I did in fact order the chicken fried steak. Small portion my ass! That think was almost as big as the PLATTER it came on. I ate the whole damn thing and just the steak itself was enough to make me uncomfortably full. But of COURSE I had to eat the corn, bread, and okra it came with. I didn't eat all the corn and gave my okra to someone else, however. And of course, I had to try the "delicious" pie that everyone was raving about. They didn't have the one I was hoping for, so I got the apple crumb pie. The thing looked like pieces of pink raw chicken in a crouton crust. It was awful. I didn't eat it all, and by then I felt EXTREMELY nauseated. When we got back on the bus I grabbed a bag of Doritos and two granola bars to try and get rid of the taste. Bad idea. I felt even worse, and I hated myself for not getting the salad. I went to sleep feeling extremely sick (to my stomach, obviously).

The next day I went to my dad's. That's when the feasting began.
For breakfast I ate a huge blueberry pancake, a scrambled egg, afghan bread, and sheer-chai (a sort of hot milk and black tea drink). I was still full from the previous night, but I had to eat all my breakfast. For lunch I had a full plate of basmati rice, chicken, kidney beans, cauliflower, and then later on I had an orange, banana, and a snicker's. For dinner I ate TWO sandwiches and ice cream. And, being in an Afghan household, I drank green tea all day long. I could hardly move.

Today I had eggs & bread, sheer-chai, and an oatmeal-type thing. More chocolate and tea. For lunch I ate an Afghan version of wontons. For dinner I ate some more afghan bread, afghan cheese, and raisins. I can feel my stomach screaming for me to purge all the crap out and give it room to breathe. I weighed myself - 131. I gained six fucking pounds, but I'm really to blame. It's all my fault. I used to enjoy the feeling of having pounds of food in my belly, but I don't anymore. I liked having an empty stomach. So tomorrow I'm going back to starving. This time I know I can control myself.


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