Tuesday, 10 February 2009

first day

130 lbs

8 oz. orange juice - 110
four frosted mini wheats - 47


Klondike Heath ice cream - 240
1 slice of pizza with meunster cheese and pepperoni - 160
Fuji Apple - 80
3/4 cup of peanut m&m's - 660

1357 calories

I can't believe I had so much today. I'm shocked. Yes, shocked. But this is my last day of bingeing (it really wasn't a binge, but I feel quite sick from the sugar overload).

Tomorrow my goal is less than a third of what I had today - 400 calories.

Then Wednesday will be 300, Thursday 200, and on Friday I'm going out for dinner so I won't eat breakfast.

I also need to cut back because this weekend I'm going to my dad's. That is an entirely different story, one which I will tell tomorrow.


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