Thursday, 16 April 2009

a "healthy" binge

My 100-calories-a-day thing has gone well, although it only lasted for about three days.

However yesterday, I broke my "I will be chocolate-free" oath and ate one of those small Hershey's "Bliss Chocolate Eggs"...and my heart sped up quite fast...could it be that after three days of a minute sugar intake the trivial amount of sugar in ONE measly chocolate egg was enough to raise my heartbeat?
I'm not sure, but it felt strange. I didn't like it.

And today, I binged on steamed broccoli and steamed corn kernels. They both had salt and nothing less, and I've no idea how many calories it was...but I assure you it was well past the 100-calorie range!
But I don't feel too guilty, as corn lacks pretty much any nutritional value, and broccoli has loads of essential vitamins. I will admit, however, that I ate so much my stomach is bulging...ugh.

The reason I even ate that was because a friend ("MN") of my mother's came over and made lasagne for dinner. I had been at work (while the family ate), and when I came home MN offered me some. I politely refused, he insisted, so I was about to take a bite when I suddenly asked him what the ingredients were. Mushrooms, onions, various typical lasagne ingredients...and italian sausage. I told him it was kind of him to make the food, but I unfortunately could not taste his cooking because it contained pork.

You see, I'm Muslim (or I used to be; it's been years since I actually practiced Islam, and yet I still consider myself a Muslim). And Muslims are forbidden to eat pork. I won't go into details as to why...maybe another time. Anyway, so I was raised to not eat pork, and we never cooked or ate it at home.
And that is what I told MN when I explained why I couldn't eat his lasagne. And that is why I binged on vegetables.

And I think my weight (131) has reached a plateau....perhaps because I don't eat breakfast and lunch anymore...and my metabolism has weakened?


Rachel said...

do you really think because you don't eat bfast or lunch your metabolism weakens? I am wondering that myself. I hope not cause I rarely eat breakfast. Maybe you should only eat breakfast and see if that breaks the plateau?

Maggie said...

I have vegetable binges!! I ate an entire steamed cauliflower [yum] once - was so full ...regreted it afterwards, but on the other hand - it would have been something unhealthy otherwise. Id rather binge on vegetables than eat an entire pizza for example.

Its lucky that you asked what was in the lasagne!! ..very valid reason not to eat it.

Rachel said...

Hey sweetie, well I tried to do the whole breakfast eating thing and I must say it didn't work out too good for me lol. I was starving by 2pm and had a mini binge. I won't be doing that again lol.! I'm always reading... hope it works out for you.