Sunday, 12 April 2009

no chocolate bunnies for me

15 fresh green beans, a glass of water, and already I'm full! (But I admit, I need some fucking chocolate NOW)

So, I'm an avid reader. Whenever I read, I'm so engrossed in my book that if someone were standing in front of my shouting my name, it would take me a moment to realise it. Books are one of the few things more important to me than my body image. I read philosophical novels, post-apocalyptic novels, mysteries, memoirs, fantasy......and even lower-age level books.

Like Scott Westerfeld's UGLIES series (futuristic, post-apocalyptic). They aren't that much lower-age level, and the series revolves around humanity and some very deep issues. I absolutely loved them. Just as I had with Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Eragon, and Twilight (I admit those teen novel sensations are addicting), I read the UGLIES series in about three days (four books). I just ate 'em up!

Anyway, in the UGLIES world, there are things called "calorie purgers". You take them after a large meal, and they immediately rid your body of all calories consumed.

I wish they were real.

I apologise for deceiving anyone who thought my little book nonsense would lead elsewhere, not to "calorie purgers"! But I had to explain and I got a bit off tangent ;]

This week I've got work...but I will absolutely not eat anything at all there because I made myself that "this is the last straw" promise.

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TOTAL - 38 calories
all-time low calorie intake!

ah, how my head pounds :D


Savory Sweet said...

Good luck this week, I'm sure you can stick to your goals of not eating :)

Laura said...

Calorie purgers=great idea.
Can someone invent that, PLEASE?

Anonymous said...

Good job today!