Thursday, 2 April 2009

I love celery

Yesterday was a 1,400 calorie day. No need for details.

Was 132 this morning...

I had two stalks of celery and a ginger snap, and a little square of dove milk chocolate.
Total - 84 calories

I keep forgetting to drink water....I'm just not ever really thirsty anymore...
I used to have water wherever I went, and I drank it constantly; wonder what happened?

I'm sooo excited for my senior prom! Even for the Cheesecake Factory. Which I know is terrible... I should feign ill or something while we're there.
But I couldn't do that - I'd miss out on all the livelihood and my friends.

1 comment:

Savory Sweet said...

mmmm celery and ginger snaps sounds like a perfect meal :)