Monday, 13 April 2009

rumbly in my tumbly

I woke up today feeling marvelously light. I couldn't believe that I had gotten through the first day of severe restriction (38 calories of raw green beans!).
And, oddly, my head did not pound once today, although my hands have been shaking all day. I really noticed them in art today, and it was difficult to paint neatly...

I find that when I restrict, the mere scent of food is enough to satisfy my ravenous stomach. Today as I walked through the halls in school I could smell the delicious buttery flavour of popcorn wafting from the office. Oh, oh, oh. I don't really even care much for popcorn, but it smelled so scrumptious and it accompanied me throughout the entire hall.

I came home to an empty house, so I ran into the kitchen, grabbed an orange, and ran upstairs. I think there's a greater likelihood of me bingeing when no one's around...
I could hardly finish the large california navel, but I forced myself to eat it because, while I'm severely restricting my caloric intake, I still need vitamins and such.

I also lied to my mum today about eating dinner. She's out grocery shopping and asked if I wanted french fries or baked potatoes to accompany the brisket she made (she usually asks me, instead of my siblings, what I think we should have for dinner). Of COURSE I want all of that! But I was a good girl and told her I felt sick (I do, somewhat) and that I'd eaten two oranges. So she got something my siblings would want to eat instead. I feel bad for lying, but it's something I'm going to have to get used to.

I've also begun my nightly exercising. Which is actually quite pathetic compared to what some of you girls do, like Jenna's almost 5-mile runs! But it makes me feel a bit better to know that I'm doing something.

Well, I'm off to put my teeth-bleaching trays in before I break my so-far-successful second day of restricting.

TOTAL: 85 calories
WEIGHT: 131 lbs.

welcome new followers! (can I just send out a welcome to all my future followers so that I don't sound like an idiot saying "welcome" at the end of each post?)

have a lovely Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about lying, your intent was not malicious. Good job on restricting!